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Crowne Plaza Hotel Wedding Showcase

 /  wedding showcase  /  15 Apr 2012
We had a lovely afternoon at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Wedding Showcase!
The lovely decor was done up by the team at Red Dates
whom we’ve had the pleasure of working together with on several weddings 🙂
Random note:  
My personal observation – The carpet might not be something you would notice, 
but theirs shows up amazing on wedding pictures! 
Because of its pattern, it looks like the floor is lit by several spotlights and lends a shimmery dynamic effect!
Also, Crowne Plaza is great for wedding luncheons in my humble opinion, 
because of the natural light at its reception area in the daytime. 
The entire place is filled with warm sunshine!
Secondly, this hotel is classy because of the natural spaciousness of the airport, 
the convenience of its transport (cabs and MRT!) despite its location.
You can even take off immediately to your honeymoon after your celebration!
Imagine hundreds of friends and family sending you off! That will be fun 🙂
Check here to see some of the past weddings we’ve done at Crowne Plaza Hotel 🙂
Also had great fun at the Suzie photo booth by our old friends from OneEyeClick 🙂
Another random note:
The backdrop for their photobooth is one of the best I’ve seen so far!
Silvery shimmery strands that stand out especially with their 
glam-wham-bam spotlights from the photobooth!
Sparkle Team