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Lionel and Jasmine ~ Mar 15 at Grand Park City Hall

 /  alfred sim  /  fatt kew  /  lee ein ein  /  wedding  /  15 Mar 2013
Featuring Alfred Sim on vocals,
 Lee Ein Ein 李盈盈 on keyboard, 
Fatt on guitar

Congratulations to Lionel and Jasmine! Thank you for having us on your big day ♥
“Hi Ein Ein, a big THANK YOU to you, Alfred and Fatt for creating such wonderful atmosphere at our wedding (15 March @ GPCH) with your’all beautiful music and voices! We have received and still are receiving tremendous amount of praise for your band and so many guests are asking us for your contact! Everyone had such a blast! (:
Alfred’s voice is absolutely mesmerizing, Fatt’s guitar playing skill is out of the world (according to my hubby, a normal person can strectch to 5 fingers, but Fatt can stretch to a very wide range), and your voice and keyboard playing skills is divine!
Thank you all so much for creating such beautiful memories for us on the most important night of our lives! THANK YOU! (:”