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Zheng Chen and Janice

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Delighted to have sang and emcee-d for Zheng Chen and Janice’s wedding at Capella – they are such a beautiful and filial couple and I’m sure with such loving families they will go on to create a loving family themselves!

They specifically chose some of their favorite songs and I specially learnt them for their big day! XO by John Mayer, I Choose You by Sara Bareilles…

Zheng Chen managed to learn some Hokkien to thank Janice’s grandparents, so right after his speech I decided to start with a Hokkien song 家后 and so many people at the VIP table in front of me were crying I nearly cried too, and couldn’t sing the last line of my chorus properly!!

Thanks for having us on your special day!

Featuring Tay Kewei as emcee and singer, Bryan on keyboard