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 /   /  10 Apr 2014

Sugianto’s bubbly and jovial personality is always a charm with guests. 

He is witty, humorous and smart, and never fails to entertain, from intimate family celebrations to grand Dinner & Dances.

His hosting experiences extend from TV programmes to live events, launches and D&Ds, being one of the hosts Campus Superstar,  SuperFunkies Variety programme and more.

He is multi-talented and also an excellent singer and performer, being one of Taiwan’s One Million Star programme’s Top 7 finalists.

Besides, he is experienced in acting, both in Mediacorp drama series, and in musicals and theatre performances. One of the highlights in his theatre career was his lead role in the Kuo Pao Kun’s “Lao Jiu”, and was awarded rave reviews for his emotional performance. He recently starred in the musical”Glasshouse” opposite Taiwanese singer Ding Dang.


 /   /  10 Apr 2014

Benjamin may be young, but he has almost 10 years of stage experience.

His soothing voice and boyish charm has claimed him the spot as Top 2 Finalist for Campus Superstar Season 2 in 2007, and in 2016, was Top 27 of the Voice of China Season 5 Auditions held in Singapore.

He is effectively bilingual and also croons the latest K-pop hits.

As a regular singer with TMD band at Switch by Timbre, he has garnered a loyal following who are big fans!




 /   /  10 Apr 2014

Jacky’s smooth and charismatic vocals are always a crowd favourite. He croons mainstream mandarin pop ballads, and have been compared to JJ Lin Junjie on many occasions.

In late 2013, he released his single in China and Singapore, entitled 《是我不好》, and has received huge support.

At the young age of 14, he was selected for Ocean Butterflies’ Season 2 非常歌手訓練班, where he, A-Do and JJ Lin became classmates. He then went on to explore his song composing and dance talents.

In 2006, Jacky and his band, J3, hit the “Superband”stage on national television and emerged as the top 4 bands.

Memorable Performances: Represented Singapore to participate in 苏卫视亚洲杯 2010 singing contest / Participated in Mediacorp“非常SUPERBAND”season 1 and emerged as top 4 bands  (2006) / Performed on a Mediacorp programme《音乐格斗场》 (2007) / Participated in Hong Kong star,丽琪, Music Video “风得风”    (2004) / Original singer of《微笑》; a OST for Mediacorp programme, 无花果  / Composer of 袁嘉 《一直守候》,阿杜 《人狼》 / Participated in 海蝶第二屆《非常歌手訓練班》


 /   /  09 Apr 2014

Donnie’s smooth and charismatic vocals are always a crowd favourite. He croons Cantonese classics, English evergreens which are always soothing on the ears.

His performing experience since ten years ago includes luminaries such as the Brunei Darulssalam Royal Family. He has also performed at Esplanade for Leslie Cheung 张国荣 and Danny Chan 陈百强 Tribute Concerts.

Milestones include
2000 – SAF Armour Day Singing Competition – Winner / 2003 – Asian Mandarin Singing Competition held in Jakarta – Singapore Representative / Finalist2009 – Leslie Cheung 张国荣 Tribute Concert at Esplanade Recital Studio / 2010 – Danny Chan 陈百强 Tribute Concert at Esplanade Recital Studio / 2011 – Mothers’ Day Special Concert at Esplanade Theatre / 2011 – ‘Guinness LIVE’ Gigs at Various Location Islandwide / 2011 – MoonFest Mid Autumn Gig at Esplanade Waterfront / 2011 – Guest Performer for Cui Xia Concert at NTUC Auditorium


 /   /  08 Apr 2014

Peter Huang has been heavily involved in the music scene both internationally and locally for the last 14 years, wearing different hats as a singer, songwriter, producer, vocal percussionist, arranger and recording engineer.

He was signed as an exclusive recording artiste with Skyhigh Entertainment in Taipei, Taiwan. Besides doing his own songwriting and music production, he was also assistant producer, engineer and vocal instructor and has lent his voice and music arrangements to various artistes within the same label.

Peter founded a 2 girl 4 guy vocal band in mid 2009 called MICappella. The band most recently made history by being the first-ever vocal band be nominated for 4 awards in the 18th Annual Singapore Hit Awards ( received the prestigious Media Recommendation Award for Local Artistes. Along with MICappella, Peter has performed at prolific international events like the Singapore E-Awards 2011 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and the Singapore Youth Olympics 2010. He also represented Singapore at Taiwan’s premier singing competition Super Idol 5 in 2011, Hong Kong Asian Pop-Music Festival where they shared the stage with Girls’ Generation in 2013.


 /   /  07 Apr 2014

A seasoned and experienced performer who took part in Super Band II (Top 16, dropped out because he had
to serve National Service), Jee Yon has been teaching guitar since 2005. He has more than 5 years worth of
performing experience. Jeeyon is a versatile musician and the music genres he touches on includes Pop, Rock,
Blues, Bossa Nova and etc.
Since he was three years old, Jee Yon was trained by his mother, an experienced singer. It is also through his
mother that Jee Yon has gained public performing experience as his mother will often get him on stage to
perform alongside with her. It has thus been second nature for Jee Yon to perform in public since young.

He is a currently a resident performer and musician at Shanghai Dolly.


 /   /  06 Apr 2014

Juni has an unbridled passion for the performing arts. A multi-hyphenate, he is a vocalist, theatre-practitioner, choreographer, voiceover talent and bilingual emcee. Identifying most strongly as a vocalist, Juni took part inThe Sing-Off China in 2012 with Asia’s top vocal band, MICappella, coming in runners-up.

His strengths lie in live performance and his natural charisma shines through his soaring vocals and the ease at which he carries himself in front of an audience, a result of more than a decade of performing experience. Juni’s repertoire comprises of energetic pop rock numbers, as well as pop jazz and evergreens, in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien.


 /   /  05 Apr 2014

Chanel is a bubbly character whose experience in performing and emceeing goes way back to 2006 when she was one of the Top 12 female finalists in the 1st season of Project Superstar, Mediacorp.

The  distinct tone of her voice is one of her unique qualities that makes her a breeze to listen to. Her influences include Amei, Landy Wen Lan and other strong female vocalists, and her strengths are in emotional ballads as well as fun, energetic numbers. 


 /   /  04 Apr 2014

Huixian’s sweet, dulcet tone is a delight at any event, but more than that, she definitely packs a punch! She was the Champion of Starhub’s reality TV singing competition Sunsilk Academy Fantasia, and also Top 6 in Campus Superstar 2006. She was also one of the key singers for 2013’s National Day Parade.

With so much performing experience, she still remains down to earth, with a friendly warmth that is infectious to any audience.

She released  her debut EP in late 2014, entitled 梦想的翅膀 (Wings Of Dreams). She was also was appointed to perform at the A-Nation Concert, alongside with international acts like Aaron Yan and Ayumi Hamasaki, and the only Singapore artiste who performed at the concert.

She landed the second female lead role in Toy Factory Production’s highlight Mandarin musical <December Rain 雨季> in August 2015.


 /   /  03 Apr 2014

Ariel is a local songstress who has impressed crowds with her euphoric and crystal clear vocals. She prides herself in having a East-West musical influence, and navigates with ease from Cantonese classics to r&b groovy numbers.

She was first discovered through Ocean Butterflies’ singer development programme and later even mentored by US-bred jazz artiste Richard Jackson. Till date, she has had years of experience in singing and hosting for weddings and events, both locally and also in New York during her year long stay abroad. She has since made waves in the local scene with her polished musicality, performing at various venues.

Milestone performances include –  Triumph 40th Anniversary “Making Women Shine”  /  “Yumetori and Friends: Vintage Jukebox”at the Esplanade, Singapore  /  Resident Jazz/Pop Singer, Wangz Hotel  /  8Live interview and music showcase on The Living Room, Radio 938  /  Music Showcase at Broun Cafe – “Yumetori Goes To School”