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Calin Wong


Singer / Keyboardist


The lead female vocalist of award winning acappella group Micappella, what Calin presents to her audience is a combination of her many experiences on different stages – from hotels to clubs, bars to bistros, street events to stadiums, local to international television – as well as the vast variety in genre of music that she performs.

Her repertoire comprises rock, pop, a cappella, indie, classical, hip hop, r&b, and many more. Add 21 years of piano playing, and 11 years of being active in the music scene to that, and you get a performance that is unique in nature.

When you listen to Calin sing and play the piano, what will mesmerize you will not only be her sultry and strong voice, nor the way the piano keys flow and respond to her fingers, but also, her interpretation of the song. Calin seeks to perform every song in her style; she can rock out a ballad, jazz up a classic, and even turn a hip hop chart-topper into simple yet endearing lounge music.

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