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Dharma & Lee Ying’s Wedding – 14Jul at My Humble House @ Esplanade

 /   /  dawn wong  /  14 Jul 2012
 Dawn on vocals, 
Clarence on guitar, 
Shawn on percussion, 
Mike on erhu!

Lovely compliments from Dharma & Lee Ying post-wedding (: <3

Hi Sparkle Music, 

Thanks for the wonderful performance! The guests likes the band a lot and have been asking us where are you guys from! Dawn’s voice was perfect that night. We are very thankful to you guys! Good job! 

Cheers,Dharma and Lee Ying

Xiuling & Chek Chai ~ 18 Mar 2012 at Fullerton

 /  alfred sim  /  dawn wong  /  wedding  /  19 Mar 2012
Dawn and Alfred on vocals
Einein on keyboard
Yili on violin

Hi Zoe,

The reviews from the guests that night abt Dawn and Alfred were fantastic, some of them actually stayed on despite it being a Sunday night for them! =D Though we only managed to hear 3 songs ….

Our 2 march in songs & LOVE… but I really love them. I esp love how LOVE was sang after the first dish which sets the mood immediately and the 2nd march in song, A thousand years started everyone singing along with the song. Thank you to the both of them.

We do hope to actually sit down and hear them sing but oh well…. at least the guests love them to bits. Everyone raved abt how beautiful Dawn’s voice is and how powerful Alfred’s voice is especially when he sang those canto songs. Lovely!

Kudos to the lovely pianist and violinist! Esp during the march in songs, I totally felt so proud of ourselves for making the right choice to have the pianist and violinist for that night!

Some pics of them, more to come with the official pics! =)

Rdgs, Xiuling

Ben & Chin Ser ~ 11 Feb 2012 at Four Seasons

 /  dawn wong  /  wedding  /  11 Feb 2012
Dawn on vocals
Ian on keyboard
Clarence on guitar
Music is something that Ben and I hold close to us; thus there was no two ways about it when it came to the music for the wedding day. We knew we wanted a live band and the team from Sparkle Music came highly recommended by our friends.

Dawn and the band really didnt disappoint us! From the get go we were impressed by their abilities; they learnt our march in songs in double quick time , even though there was the option to choose other tunes. Their professionalism and perfect redition really made our day as we stepped into the ballroom.

Our guests were equally wow-ed. As we walked round to the tables, many of them praised the Dawn’s vocals and some sought the band’s contacts for their own special day =). Though the crowd was abit muted in the beginning, i think they warmed up and its safe to say they were probably enjoying the songs.

Loved the dedication service, the dedications will be treasured! By the way, Moves like Jagger was a hiliarious addition to the night, kudos to the team for actually performing it !

Lastly to the band : thank you guys for staying back later than usual and acceeding to our requests (like rehearsing with our friends who were performing that night)! I doubt any other band would have been this accomodating! Hope you enjoyed the flowers that I got Jacob to send over !

Would definately reccommend Sparkle Music to future couples ! ( they are a brilliant mix of quality music and a fun spirit!)

Chin Ser

Shirlene & Patrick ~ 2 Dec 2011 at One Degree 15

 /  dawn wong  /  leon lim  /  wedding  /  02 Dec 2011
Dawn and Leon on vocals
Einein on keyboard
Fatt on guitar

Dear Sparkle Music,

A standing round of applause to Dawn, Leon and the band for the perfect performance which delighted my guests totally and brought much flavour to my wedding night on 2 December. We enjoyed and loved the songs that were sung.

Thank you Sparkle Music!

As ever, 
Patrick & Shirlene 

Seth & Yomay ~ 7 Nov 2011 at Marriott Hotel

 /  dawn wong  /  wedding  /  07 Nov 2011
Dawn on vocals
Ein on keyboard
Fatt on guitar

Dear Kewei,

My guests had a really wonderful time last night and everyone loved the band so much.

Really like to thank you and your team for making our wedding so special. We will definitely recommend Sparkle Music to everyone else.

All the best!

Seth & Yomay

Xueqi & Tianxing ~ 1 Nov 2011 at Holiday Inn Atrium

 /  alfred sim  /  dawn wong  /  wedding  /  01 Nov 2011
 Dawn & Alfred on vocals
Einein on keyboard
Hi Kewei,
I would like to thank the wonderful team performance. 
They are great, everyone enjoy the night with all the singing and not forgeting the keyboard player ein ein with her wonder skill.
Thanks for the arrangement. 
I had pass your contacts to all my friends who are getting marry soon too. 🙂