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Junwen and Carmen

 /  Featured Post  /  Featured Wedding  /  leon lim  /  sharon  /  wedding dinner  /  18 Jun 2016

We had a blast at the wedding! From meeting with Junwen and Carmen, they’ve been very thoughtful and they wanted to have some Cantonese songs to be played for their elders. Leon practiced and belted a few Cantonese songs for the night. Guests were entertained and we’ve got a few wedding enquiries from this wedding. We are glad that the guests enjoyed our singing and playing for the night! We wish Junwen and Carmen a blissful marriage:)

Featuring Leon Lim on vocals and emcee, Sharon Nunis on keys.IMG_6497

Muhammad Zakiyy and Umairah Khairiyah (Koh Yu Qi)

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The couple’s brother, Shariff, has engaged us and he spared no effort in planning the entertainment for the night! He has also engaged singer, Suthasini, to sing in Tamil. Leon had the honour to sing a duet, Olly Murs – Up, with Suthasini. The whole night was exciting with a fusion of Mandarin songs, Tamil songs and English songs. The beat was high and everyone enjoyed the wedding!
Featuring Leon on vocals, Spruce on saxophone and Peter on percussion.

Why you should hold your Wedding @ the SEA Aquarium in Singapore

 /  clarence  /  Featured Post  /  Featured Wedding  /  leon lim  /  melvin  /  nazreen  /  tay kexin  /  02 Dec 2014
So, I recently performed at the most beautiful wedding yet,
within the comforts of one of the top tourist destination in Singapore – SEA Aquarium.
Now, i know that the aquarium has been a popular choice for many corporate functions & company DnDs,
but THIS Wedding, was a whole new underwater wonderland.
Believe me,
i perform for an average of at least one wedding per week,
and this one exceeded all expectations.
Anyone who has been to the SEA Aquarium will know that the last observatory,
where the humongous aquarium for the Open Ocean Habitat stand,
is the perfect ending to the aquarium tour,
and probably worth the entrance fee by itself as an attraction.
Imagine that space being transformed into a dining hall with
raining glitter,
tiffany chairs,
underwater-themed decorations,
starfish and shellfish trinkets,
all to set up for a backdrop of soaring manta-rays and squadrons of marine life frolicking in their natural habitat.
No wonder my Facebook post of this photo garnered so many likes.
So here are some reasons why you should totally hold your wedding at the RWS SEA Aquarium, if you happen to be pretty rich. 
Screw flowers and half-hearted tea lights!
With a backdrop like this,
cake cutting and champagne pouring has never looked more magnificent.
You are allowed to have ridiculously pretty table decor,
like starfish centrepieces, and reflective lazy susans,
and yet they will not look over the top.
Tiffany Chairs look better in an aquarium than on a lawn.
And you get a sky full of stars, indoors.
Imagine dining in front of fishes,
while having a nice piece of cod fish. 20141109_183057
Instagrammers be snapping’ with glee.
Shots like these will probably garner a tonne of likes.
Photo Credit: ht_americanbeauty
 Meanwhile, on my own Instagram…
I just had to!
Photowhoring is allowed because every corner is a photo point! 
You can place a band at the top of the space to perform for your guests.
You can even get to sing a song for them.
At least that was what the bride did, she did a special surprise performance for her hubby 🙂
And with the tiered ballroom, everyone was able to have a grand view of the bride singing.
You are free to roam around the other areas of the aquarium,
champagne glass in hand.
You get to champagne-tease fishes.
The stroll towards the ballroom will be lined with mini aquariums and different
underwater habitat displays,
so much so that you would already have taken 13942309854 pictures
before you even reach the final destination.
The build up to the climax is important, they say 🙂
The Wedding Band of the night –
Sparkle Live Music [L to R]
Melvin Wong on bass,
Matthew Siew on keys,
Kexin & Leon on Vocals,
Clarence Yeo on Guitar
& Nazreen on Percussions.
A groupshot with the Bride and Groom and their families 🙂
Vendor List 
Wedding Planner The Wedding Atelier 
Floral Decor Fiore Dorato

Kenneth & Jessica’s Wedding ~ 6 Jun at Fullerton Straits Room

 /  leon lim  /  tay kexin  /  wedding  /  06 Jun 2012
Kexin as emcee 
Kexin and Leon on vocals
Matthew on keyboard
Compliments from Glenn,  photographer from from Touchstudios!
Good Day Kexin, 
Great Team! Great Music!
Here’s a group shot of you guys with the couple, Kenneth and Jessica…
Songs are great today! And a big big big support wave for Leon too!
=D fantastic vocals!!