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Grand opening of the Nanyang Ventures ~ Jul 26 ~ at Nanyang Ventures office

 /  daniel purnomo  /  event  /  leonardo mendoza  /  melvin  /  nanyang ventures  /  26 Jul 2013
Our jazz trio also entertained the guests who mingled and toured the brand new office 
 Leonardo Mendoza, Daniel Purnomo and Melvin Wong.

 Nanyang Ventures office in Singapore

Together with 3 songs, Kexin ushered in the new beginning with a lion dance troupe and ribbon cutting ceremony.

Jonathan and Queeny ~ Dec 1

 /  lee ein ein  /  leonardo mendoza  /  wedding  /  02 Dec 2012
Lee Ein Ein 李盈盈 on keyboard and Leo on sax
Thank you Jonathan for engaging our instrumental duo, Lee Ein Ein 李盈盈 on keyboard and Leo on sax!
Jonathan practised during our soundcheck before the dinner, and his nerves were soothed by the professional and experienced Ein Ein who guided him through and boosted his confidence 🙂 
He sang 國境之南 specially for his wife during the march in, and his friends Gabriel and Alicia also serenaded the guests with their powerful vocals! ♥
Thank you for a wonderful evening!