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HP Retail Bootcamp 2013 ~ Jan 29 at Okura Prestige Hotel

 /  daniel  /  fatt kew  /  Featured Event  /  matthew  /  melvin  /  okura prestige  /  tay kexin  /  30 Jan 2013
HP PPS Retail Bootcamp 2013 Gala Dinner in Bangkok, Okura Prestige Hotel!
Our 5pc band had a blast rocking’ out on stage!
Featuring Kexin on vocals,
Fatt on guitar,
Matt on keys,
Melvin on bass
 & Daniel on drums!
 Guo Liang was emcee for the 2 days event!
Thank you Eric for the kind hospitality! It was fab!
Our band is off to Bangkok to perform for HP PPS Retail Bootcamp 2013!
HP Retail Bootcamp 2013 in Bangkok! Timecheck 9am, this is the earliest show we’ve had!