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Derrick and Jermaine ~ May 25 ~ at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

 /  alfred sim  /  clarence  /  matthew  /  tay kexin  /  25 May 2013
Featuring Alfred Sim on emcee & vocals, Tay Kexin (郑可欣) on vocals,
 Clarence on guitar, Matthew on keys

at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore.

“Dear Kexin… I would also like to take the opportunity here to thank you for the spectacular experience that you, Alfred and the band has given to our guest. Many of our guests have told us nothing but good things about your performances with some even remembering the exact songs that you guys (and girl) sang. Thank you once again for making our already unforgettable memories even more unforgettable.”

Sweet Derrick specially left a series of song dedications with heartfelt messages to her wife during the 2nd set of songs… but we won’t reveal too much here!