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Elaine & Lennie’s Wedding – 17 Sep at Marina Mandarin

 /  beatbox  /  lee ein ein  /  peter huang  /  tay kexin  /  19 Jul 2012
Kexin as Emcee and on vocals, 
Ein ein on keys, 
Peter on guitar and as beatboxer!
Thanks to Elaine and Lennie for sending us such a sweet msg/compliments!! 
We really appreciate it! (:

Hi Team!
I had you guys as my wedding singers last year (Sep 17 at Marina Mandarin Vanda Ballroom)… It’s been nearly a year and I forgot that I owe you guys a picture! Been busy spreading the word around about your fantastic services to those who are getting married as well. Haha..

My guest LOVED you guys so much! They were taken by surprise when Kexin started singing in Korean, and when she emcee-ed and sang at the same time. That especially kept everyone in amazement and entertained at least! So glad I found you guys.. Wouldn’t have been this special without your team!

I have attached the pictures I have of the team for the night.

I’m signing off here. I will surely recommend you to all my friends!! You guys were fantastic!

Best Regards,
Elaine (& Silent partner Lennie. Hahaha)