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Kendrick & Emily ~ Apr 28 ~ at InterContinental Singapore

 /  august  /  fatt kew  /  tay kexin  /  wedding  /  28 Apr 2013
Featuring Tay Kexin (郑可欣) on vocals, 
Fatt on guitar and August on piano 
at InterContinental Singapore!
Kendrick’s brother, Kelvin, met us at a few weddings and also at EQ Insurance’s CNY Dinner that we organised. He had recommended us to his brother Kendrick!

“Hi guys

Thanks again for the awesome performance on Sunday night and for making my brother’s wedding with Emily memorable.. Can see that people enjoyed the music u all brought.. and appreciate everything done to accommodate our requests.

Sorry about not having a complimentary car park ticket available and hope u all got out without too much damage.. ah, and u know Reginald Khoo.. fantastic bassist.. and August, u know Cynthia who plays keyboard at our church..

Mulling with my fiance over whether to have live music at our own wedding in August. If we decide to, will definitely contact u. And guess August will be obligated to play in gigs in August??

All the best with the upcoming shows and continue to enjoy making music..