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Tay Kexin


Co-Founder / Singer / Emcee

Tay Kexin


Memorable performances

  • PK contender at Taiwan’s Super Idol 201

  • APEC CEO Summit 2009

  • NUS Commencement Dinner, performed for the President of Singapore Mr. SR Nathan

  • Opening ceremony for Asian Youth Olympic Games 2009

  • Mediacorp Festival 2010 Opening Act 

  • Mediacorp Viewers Choice Award 2011

  • Elle Awards 2011

Corporate clients

  • Audi  /  Lexus  /  Rolls Royce

  • Bebe

  • Sony Ericsson

  • Azimuth Watch

  • Epson

A petite dynamite, Kexin (also known as Kex) is a small girl with a big voice.

Within less than 10 years, Kex has released a solo original EP, toured worldwide with international pop star David Tao, received an “Breakthrough in Arts” Award from PM Lee, and is currently touring also with one of Asia’s biggest Pop-Rock Vocal band MICappella. 


Since her joining the group in 2015, MICappella has released several covers online which went viral on the internet sphere. 
In 2017 the band’s Evolution of NDP Medley took Singapore by storm, garnering over a million views. The video was even shared by PM Lee Hsien Loong himself. In 2018, Kexin did her debut performance on the NDP stage with her band.  

Indeed, her vocal prowess and versatility is evident in her illustrious career. From being a powerful solo singer-songwriter to being the soprano of the dynamic group MICappella, Kex continues to write originals for the band and push boundaries in her live performances.

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