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Li Jie



Li Jie

Li Jie Jazz Trio

Li Jie started performing at various music hotspots at the tender age of 15. He was first runner-up in a state-wide singing competition run by 木船民歌餐厅 (JB) in 1999, and went on to become a regular at the café and other popular music venues. It was also at that time that Li Jie honed his skills as a songwriter. In 2004, his original song, “遗忘悲伤”, was released in the 10 th album of Chinese singer, 孙楠, titled “燃烧”.

Li Jie is a versatile singer who croons Jazz standards just as well as he belts out contemporary Chinese pop tunes. As the male vocalist and guitarist for his acoustic band, Li Jie has many years of experience playing and singing at weddings and corporate events. What truly sets him apart is his passion for music and performing, as well as his desire to touch the hearts of his audience. Once he takes the stage, he will give it his all.

As an emcee, Li Jie is known to be able to create an intimate, relaxed and fun ambience at any event. Whether it is an upscale corporate event or a cozy wedding reception, Li Jie makes his guests feel right at home.

Li Jie Chinese Pop Showreel

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