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Acoustic Wedding Song Compilation

Novabelle is a pop-vocalist known for her soulful voice as well as her genuine and fun-loving performances. She is also most recently well known for her cover of "Home" in Cantonese. It garnered over 450k views and 7k shares in just one week, and was also covered by The Straits Times, Shinmin Daily, film studio MM2 Entertainment Hong Kong and many others. As a young pop vocalist, she has achieved impressive versatility in various languages, and has already inspired many with her unique and heartwarming vocals.

In 2013, she was the winner of Asian AXN song-writing contest, and clinched the coveted spot with her rich vocals, as reported by TelevisionAsia with a song she arranged and recorded on her own. As the lead singer of her percussion band Sambiesta, she has also toured Germany and performed at the Coburg Samba Festival in 2015 in front of a 2000-strong audience.

Her regular gigs include singing at Switch by Timbre and 2mmTalent Hub.
Trust us, she will wow your audience in your event!

Home (Cantonese version)

All I Ask - Adele cover

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