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Roy and Casey ~ Jun 22 ~ at B@Rochester

 /  clarence  /  lee ein ein  /  spruce  /  wedding  /  22 Jun 2013
Featuring Chanel on vocals, Lee Ein Ein 李盈盈 on keyboard,
 Clarence on guitar and Spruce on saxophone

1. We tot: Hazy day, outdoor wedding gig. 4 sets from 6-10pm. Mmm, can change to indoor halfway through the sets?

2. Completed the first 2 sets by 8pm. Received our first Ang Bao.

3. Things got too good I can’t believe my own eyes.
Steak/Assorted fresh Sashimi(when will u get to see sashimi at wedding dinner?)/unlimited beer/wine/liquor were served to my band although we were already provided with dinner at 5pm b4 we start. None of us feel like continuing our sets anymore. Great food/drinks/companion/ambience. Yes we almost forgot that we were actually on a job.

4. Dedications swamped in and we managed to satisfy most of them, with Lee Ein Ein, I have nothing to worry about.

5. 3rd n last set. Guests started to gather infront of our band. Singing out loud with us. DANCEd. By this time, Clarence(guitarist) & Ein Ein(keyboardist) are feeling the strain on their fingers so I jokingly tells the guest that they gonna feel the cramp anytime soon.

6. Last set: bride n groom joined the crowd infront of us. Danced and sang along with their guests. everyone was smiling/laughing. Haven felt such happiness for a while. Everyone hugged everyone else. I missed the lyrics while I sang, cos I can’t stop smiling at the crowd. They were too high. Ein Ein laughed as she plays.

7. Done with last set. Guests shouted Encore for 5th set. But we ended the night with just one last slow ballad song. Everyone knew how to sing. Everyone found a partner to dance with. Mother/Son, Father/Son, Husband/Wife, Couple. 太棒的画面。A guest walked up to me and said 真的辛苦你们了。(My hair was drenched with sweat by then) Another lady guest walked up to Ein Ein and massage her hand.
Our band were overwhelmed.
The couple thanked us for the performance and the band decided to stay around and continue the happy night.
I was so happy. Such a sense of achievement. And so. I drank. Quite a bit. Stubborn me took my car key and intend to drive off. Manager snatched my car key, and they managed to throw me onto a cab with her. Continued chatting, until we were stopped by TP asking us where we are heading to. Roadblock sia -.-” Manager and I looked at each other. Glad, we were