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Sparkle Team at Sentosa Jazz by the Beach 2012!

 /   /   /  performance  /  27 Jul 2012

Boogie the night away as our team brings you a palatable array of classics, bossa nova and pop-jazz!
Featuring Tay Kexin, Dawn Wong, Alfred Sim on vocals
Matthew Siew on keyboard
James Yeo on bass
Daniel Purnomo on guitar
Jeremy Yeo on drums
Date: 27 Jul, Friday 
Venue: Coastes Sandbar at Siloso Beach
Getting there: Sentosa Express: Beach Station; Siloso Beach Tram
Time: 8pm till late
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6 most memorable weddings by Tay Kexin in 2012

 /  Featured Post  /  Featured Wedding  /  tay kexin  /  17 Jan 2012

The 6 Most Memorable Weddings i’ve done… yet.

Till date, i’ve sung for over hundreds of weddings, 5 years & counting now..
and since it has been such a big part of my life i thought i should create a list of
some of the most Memorable weddings i’ve ever done!

So here you go, after careful consideration/privacy issues, i’ve shortlisted 6 most memorable ones!
Be warned it’s a giant of a post….

In no order of merit…

1. Beachside Bliss 
Audrick & Jenny, 2011 
I truly enjoyed this wedding because i’m by nature a beach-lover,
and though the weather turned my face into a oily-paradise,
Sentosa’s Coastes Sand Bar had such a nice ambience,
with fireworks from Songs by the Sea show right across the island at night..
it was almost perfect!

plusplus, cherry on top of the icing was the wedding decor by
Chere Wedding & Parties (,

& the most amazing part was that Weiwei, owner of Chere, was my primary school penpal whom i’ve lost contact with since i was 9!
It was also my first time witnessing a sand-pouring ceremony (instead of the usual cross toast),

2. Heartwarming cake art 
Joseph & Hooi Ling, 2011

I was the emcee and wedding singer for Joseph & Hooi Ling’s night and

they were so hospitable and accommodating!
In fact, their whole family was a testament of overflowing love..
This castle of cake was specially handcrafted & pieced together, bit by bit,
by Hooi Ling’s father, who’s a Pastry chef from Montreaux Cake House & Patisserie

It was so popular that night it quickly became a photo-point..

Apart from the beautiful lightings on the outside,

the intricate designs on the inside was astounding (i swear i have no better word to describe it)
Check out the sculpted horses carriage!

Impressed TTM, i almost wanted to cry when i watched the making-of video..

3. A wedding dedicated to others in need 

Ivan & Shirleen, 2011

Ivan & Shirleen is a beautiful couple, inside out,
they’ve always been avid volunteers of Radion International (,

a Christian relief & development agency dedicated to helping marginalized communities.

but volunteering wasn’t enough as they even took their wedding as chance to help
spread the word for doing good.
Each table had this little card to spread awareness about the organization

An introduction video about Radion was also played before their wedding video..

4. It’s a family affair
Mandy & Irene, March 2011
It was double the joy & fun (名正言顺的喜喜) at Mandy & Irene’s weddings,
because both twins decided to get married with their respective husbands…
on the same night! 
If only their husbands were twins too.. haha
6 months later, they got us again to sing for their sister’s wedding!
Mavis & Ming tye, Sep 2011
5. My first Malay Wedding 

Faizal & Divya, 2009
It was really an eye-opener,
seeing the elaborate malay drummer troops lead their majesty into the ballroom,

the couple then proceeded to their thrones to watched a dance item..
i guess they couldn’t stand just watching,
so they joined in the fun!

6. My first Overseas Wedding

Suki & Jame’s Overseas wedding in Bangkok, Thailand
10 & 11Jul ’10

It was a whooping jam-packed 2 nights in Bangkok!

Day 1,
We took the early morning flight,

and upon reaching bkk, we satisfied our famished souls with authentic pad thai,

soundcheck, and it was showtime!

Suki’s part-thai and Jame’s from hongkong.
They both met while studying overseas
so the first night was a cosy dinner held at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit,
specially organized for their dear friends from all over the world (:

Did i mention, Suki’s super pretty??

Day 2,
we seized the daytime and headed straight for chatuchak!

There, we met Jack Sparrow,

witnessed the world’s coolest teh-tarik man (IMHO), you gotta see the video to believe it…

& to daniel’s joy he found some young & fresh “thai coconuts” hahaha

Then, it was back to the hotel for some serious business..

the 2nd night was meant for families all around the world,
so the turnout was really very impressive,
we didn’t expect such a huge crowd!

Round 2 Soundcheck & show time,
introducing the band members from left to right, Ein on keyboard, WahYong on bass,
Leon on vocals with me & Daniel on drums!

Check out the crazy floral display/photo point

It was amazing travelling for music and weddings (:
the night ended with a pretty awesome foot massage at Suan Lum night market! bliss….

That pretty much sums the most memorable wedding encounters i’ve had..
i’m truly looking forward to more in years to come!