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Lianglin and Jamie


It was a really heartwarming university reunion for Kexin and Lianglin as they used to be NUS Jazz Band singing buddies!
Featuring Kexin on vocals and emcee and August on keys
Lianglin gamely belted Ed Sheeren’s “Thinking Out Loud” for his dear wife Jamie along with our keyboardist’s accompaniment 🙂
The night ended on a high when Kexin got off stage and passed the mic to Jamie’s father mid-song. He was very spontaneous and took on the song “can’t take my eyes off you”!
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The night was filled with heartfelt speeches by both the couple’s siblings and parents 🙂
Here’s Jamie’s brother giving his sweet speech!
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Kexin co-hosted with Lianglin’s buddy from his ACS school days 🙂
Naturally, Kexin took on the role of hosting in Mandarin! hahaha

Post-party madness at Men’s Room bar right across the restaurant!


Black and white shots credits to Lee Guo Sheng