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Donavan and Lynn

 /  bryan  /  chanel pang  /  05 Jul 2015

Congratulations to Donavan and Lynn

Thank you for having us and the compliments.


From Donovan :

Chanel of Sparkle Live Music. lynn and i are soooo glad to have engaged Chanel to sing and emcee at our wedding yesterday. we knew she was good in singing. but we didnt know she would be that spectacular. it’s a shame i didnt get to video more – but the ones i get to listen attentively whenever i had the chance to gave me goosebumps-in-awe. i suspect lynn and i are not alone in feeling this way at the event.

Featuring Chanel on vocals & emcee and Bryan on keys


Keith and Camy ~ Jan 6 at Peony Jade

 /  chanel pang  /  lee ein ein  /  wedding  /  07 Jan 2013
Chanel as emcee and vocalist,
Einein on keyboard
At the wedding of Keith and Camy, Chanel was the emcee and vocalist for the night! 🙂
Together with Einein on keyboard, our female duo serenaded the guests with special requests like 家後 and 最重要的决定 in the cosy Peony Jade, Clark Quay ♥