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Josh and Qiuting (BongQiuQiu)

Guess whose wedding we were at?? 

It’s Josh & Qiuting’s  (aka QiuQiu Wedding Dinner at Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar!

Here’s the bride and groom looking blissful after being pronounced husband & wife!
It was a simply lovely wedding night at Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar, with garden/pastel/themed table decor beautifully decorated by Eternally Yours – Weddings & Events (:

The band also had a lot of fun playing for the great audience, with a specially chosen set of jazzy tunes suitable for the occasion! 

Qiuting also very sportingly took the mic when sabo-ed to belt a tune!

Our musicians are wonderful multi-taskers!! James on bass and keys, and Melvin was on guitar and bass!! 

Thanks Josh for taking care of the band and the lovely duo for meeting us before your wedding dinner! We had fun playing for your guests!

Love, Tay Kexin (郑可欣) on vocals, James Yeo on keys & bass, Melvin on guitar! 

We were definitely excited to be part of QiuQiu’s big day!

“Thank you Kexin for your beautiful voice that evening =DDD And thank you for bringing nice sporting band players who play along with my singing hahah! Congrats on the debut of your first EP album! WHAT?! I have a singer singing at my wedding!!! *honored* ^.^ ”
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