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Jasmain and Kitty ~ Brunei

With Jasmain and Kitty, who specially flew us to Brunei to celebrate their wedding with them!
We had the most amazing time, being the whole band’s first time in Brunei, and we played at the lavish and extravagant The Empire Hotel & Country Club, where we had to take a buggy to the Grand Hall for their Parisian themed party 🙂
Thank you so much for having us and most of all, for your support and friendship!
Flying off to Brunei for Jasmain and Kitty’s wedding! Super excited it’s our first time to Brunei! 
At the largest and grandest hotel and beach resort we’ve ever been to at 
Off to soundcheck in a little buggy that will take us to the Grand Hall at the


Lovely wedding for Jasmain and Kitty at The Empire Hotel & Country Club in Brunei, 
thanks to D’Voted Brunei!Featuring Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim on vocals, Fatt on guitar/footdrum
and James on keyboard (not in picture)  

Breathtaking view at the The Empire Hotel & Country Club in Brunei, 
where we performed for Jasmain and Kitty’s wedding!