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Xiuling & Chek Chai ~ 18 Mar 2012 at Fullerton

 /  alfred sim  /  dawn wong  /  wedding  /  19 Mar 2012
Dawn and Alfred on vocals
Einein on keyboard
Yili on violin

Hi Zoe,

The reviews from the guests that night abt Dawn and Alfred were fantastic, some of them actually stayed on despite it being a Sunday night for them! =D Though we only managed to hear 3 songs ….

Our 2 march in songs & LOVE… but I really love them. I esp love how LOVE was sang after the first dish which sets the mood immediately and the 2nd march in song, A thousand years started everyone singing along with the song. Thank you to the both of them.

We do hope to actually sit down and hear them sing but oh well…. at least the guests love them to bits. Everyone raved abt how beautiful Dawn’s voice is and how powerful Alfred’s voice is especially when he sang those canto songs. Lovely!

Kudos to the lovely pianist and violinist! Esp during the march in songs, I totally felt so proud of ourselves for making the right choice to have the pianist and violinist for that night!

Some pics of them, more to come with the official pics! =)

Rdgs, Xiuling