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Being an old soul, Zrina’s charm and forte in crooning classic jazz numbers has many a times mesmerized her audience.


But as much as she enjoys enchanting with the evergreens, she’s able to seamlessly glide into pop, rock and RnB. She loves to entertain and making sure that the audience is having a good time.

A singer & dancer, Zrina lives and breathes music as a freelance performer. Her love for entertaining started at a young age. Singing has always been her first passion but dance also quickly became a big part of her life. So sing & dance she did, with her humble beginnings at the SAF Music & Drama Company in 2006, which was her stepping-stone to many gratifying experiences that she’s had up till today.

She found herself performing a snippet of Madonna’s Vogue in front of the nation in Chapter 5, National Day 2009, standing in for Miss Kit Chan in National Day 2007 rehearsals, entertaining fellow Singaporeans with SRT’s “Fried Rice Paradise” for PA’s 50th anniversary, and recently, braving turbulence on a plane to Germany to share the Singaporean culture with song and dance for the “Lindau Meetings of Nobel Laureates 2012” with President Tony Tan in attendance and many more!

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