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告白氣球 Live Cover

Zerlene started learning the Classical Piano from young and the Flute in her secondary school days. She fell in love with singing with a family of music lovers. She has been performing in live entertainment venues & for events such as Christmas Carolling, Birthday Parties, Weddings & Corporate functions since 2013.


In 2017, the multilingual singer was involved in an Original Song Showcase organized by Over the Moon 跨越, showcasing her songs 那么刚好(“Just Nice”) & 巨蟹座B型(“Cancerian Blood B Type”). Mid 2017, she entered into the Grand Finals of “Safra’s The Ultimate Talent” in both her individual and group items, where both her Singing & her Guitar Skills was acknowledged. At the end of 2017, Zerlene was the Runner-up in “The Dream Composition 梦想新创作”, aka “20th 心情溶剂”, songwriting competition with her original song 那么刚好(“Just Nice”).


Some of the venues she has performed at include Unplugged @ Dempsey, RockU Bugis+, Starker Singapore, Whisk & Paddle and many more!

Acoustic English Pop Showreel

Wedding Song Compilation

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